Sometimes you have clients who will login to the admin, and they perhaps only need to access a few areas of the site, such as: a product or blog list (ListerPro) site settings formbuilder entries specific front end pages documentation helpdesk backup interface Server health or server status (for example site5 has a page for every server to see it's status) Link to a bookmark (page tree bookmark for example) - this is awesome by the way Run a special action like clear a wirecache or other custom caching Add a billing or late payment notice Add an alert about upcoming server maintenance The Problem: How can you collate all of these diverse links and messages into 1 page, as fast and easy as possible, make it hassle-free to add stuff to it, maybe some messages, change the order of the links etc. In some systems this is called the Dashboard. You can make one in a few minutes using: 1.) Admin Custom Pages 2.) ready.php in your site folder Steps: Install ACP create a file inside templates for your dashboard (e.g. _ac_dashboard.php). Create your dashboard page below the admin branch of the page tree, assign it to ACP, and set the template to use to the one you created. This example will display a table of quicklinks. Contents of the dasboard file: <?php wire('modules')->get('MarkupAdminDataTable'); ?> <h3>Title of site here</h3>     <div id='ProcessFieldList'>         <table id='AdminDataTable1' class='AdminDataTable AdminDataList AdminDataTableResponsive AdminDataTableSortable'>             <thead>             <tr>                 <th>Item</th>                 <th>Comment</th>             </tr>             </thead>             <tbody>                 <tr>                     <td><a href='<?php echo $config->urls->admin?>blog/'>Blog</a></td>                     <td>Filterable/Searchable listing of blog posts.</td>                 </tr>                 <tr>                     <td><a href='<?php echo $config->urls->admin?>news/'>News</a></td>                     <td>Filterable/Searchable listing of news items.</td>                 </tr>                 <tr>                     <td><a href='<?php echo $config->urls->admin?>projects/'>Projects</a></td>                     <td>Filterable/Searchable listing of projects.</td>                 </tr>                 <tr>                     <td><a href='<?php echo $config->urls->admin?>page/'>Page Tree</a></td>                     <td>A hierarchical listing of the pages in your site.</td>                 </tr>                 <tr>                     <td><a href='<?php echo $config->urls->admin?>settings/'>Site Settings</a></td>                     <td>Global site settings</td>                 </tr>             </tbody>         </table>         <script>AdminDataTable.initTable($('#AdminDataTable1'));</script>     </div><!--/#ProcessFieldList--> You only need this if you want to redirect logins to the dashboard: add to ready.php (where 1234 is the ID of your dashboard page): if($page->template=="admin" && $page->id == 2) $session->redirect($pages->get(1234)->url);