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  • Two new WireMail modules and using Gmail with PW 5 years ago

    A look at two new WireMail modules for sending email, plus details on how you can configure ProcessWire to use Gmail for sending email.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.109 adds two-factor authentication 6 years ago

    In the last blog post I told you about how two-factor authentication was coming to the core and what our plans were. This week it's ready to use in ProcessWire 3.0.109, so we'll take a closer look at all the details and how to use it.

  • Two-factor authentication updates in ProcessWire 3.0.159 4 years ago

    ProcessWire 3.0.159 brings some useful and time-saving upgrades to the core two-factor authentication system. Also summarizes core updates in 3.0.156, 3.0.157 and 3.0.158.

  • New modules, file validation, and great websites 4 years ago

    A look at two new modules released this week: LoginRegisterPro and FileValidatorImage. Discussion on upcoming plans for new FileValidator modules and how they are useful in PW. Plus a brief highlight of two great new ProcessWire-powered websites: Aaron Copland (an American composer) and Sono Motors (an EV startup).

  • Using InnoDB with ProcessWire 6 years ago

    This week we take a look at a couple of reasons why you might want to choose InnoDB as your MySQL database engine when installing ProcessWire.

  • Using TinyMCE 6 in ProcessWire 1 year ago

    The TinyMCE 6 rich text editor opens up a lot of new and useful abilities for ProcessWire users. In this post, we'll take a look at a few of them, and how you can start using them now, with a focus on those that are unique to ProcessWire's adaptation of TinyMCE.

  • Using date range fields in ProcessWire 5 months ago

    This week we'll take a detailed look at the newest addition to the ProFields set of modules: the Date Range Fieldtype and Inputfield.

  • New ProcessWire modules directory 3 years ago

    There’s a new modules directory on the ProcessWire site now up and running. In this post we’ll cover a few details about what’s changed and what’s new.

  • ProcessWire 2.6.12 core updates, updates to several Pro modules and more 9 years ago

    Continued improvements to AJAX editing in ProcessWire, plus a new Pages > Add New menu and landing page. We also have new versions of all ProFields modules, new version of ListerPro and more.

  • Building custom admin pages with Process modules 6 years ago

    A tutorial on building custom admin pages in ProcessWire with Process modules, by Bernhard Baumrock.

  • ProcessWire 2.6.19 plus guide to optional core modules 9 years ago

    ProcessWire 2.6.19 contains numerous updates working towards PW 2.7. This post also contains a comprehensive overview of optional (uninstalled) core modules, some of which you may want to install!

  • New Site Profiles, Site Exporter and more… 10 years ago

    The ProcessWire installer now lets you choose a site profile. New site profile exporter is far better than the previous. Support for append/prepend files on a per-template basis

  • ProcessWire 3.0.9 adds new long-click and save actions 8 years ago

    This week's version of ProcessWire adds several new UI enhancements to the admin. We also have a new version of ProDrafts, now with Live Preview!

  • New user-admin permissions, automatic version change detection, and more (2.6.10) 9 years ago

    ProcessWire 2.6.10 brings new granular support of user-admin permissions, auto-detection with cache-clearing following core version changes, improved permissions view, and support for re-labeling the page "name" field.

  • ProcessWire updates and new field types 7 years ago

    This week we've got a new multi-language email field, a tutorial on how to use file/image files as multi-language fields, plus we introduce a new and unique ProFields module that's in the works.

  • ProcessWire 2.6.8 brings new version of Reno admin theme and more 9 years ago

    This week we're excited to bring you a new version of the Reno admin theme that offers a lot of nice refinements and new features. We also have some new color sets for the Reno theme, and several new core API functions that we think you may find useful.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.76, a new front-end account module and much more 7 years ago

    This week we've got a new core version, a new version of the Uikit 3 admin theme, a new version of ProCache with SCSS and LESS support, plus a brand new module that provides user login, new user registration and a user profile editor, all for the front-end of your site.

  • ProcessWire 2.6.9 core updates, new ProCache version, and more 9 years ago

    ProcessWire 2.6.9 brings a useful new API method, more control over slashes in URLs, and more. This week we also released a new version of ProCache and this post goes into detail about all that it does.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.119 and new site updates (part 3) 5 years ago

    This week we take a look at what's new in ProcessWire 3.0.119 and then we finish up by taking a look at a few screenshots from the new ProcessWire development website.

  • New paginated Fieldtype support and FieldtypeTable upgrades 8 years ago

    With support for paginated Fieldtypes, ProcessWire’s scalability has moved to the next level. Not sure what this means? Don't worry, this post has a screencast that makes it clear. We've also got some other nice upgrade for ProFields Table.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.112 and new Verified URL Fieldtype 6 years ago

    This post takes a comprehensive look at the new Verified URL Fieldtype added to the ProcessWire ProFields package. We also review updates for the latest version of ProcessWire, 3.0.112 on the dev branch.

  • ProcessWire 3.0.124 and new website launched 5 years ago

    In this week’s post, we’ll take a look a look at the new website and focus on some parts of it and how they were built. Then we’ll dive into the latest version of ProcessWire on the dev branch, version 3.0.124.

  • More Repeaters, Repeater Matrix and New Field Rendering 8 years ago

    In ProcessWire 3.0.5, you can nest repeater fields and use dynamic/AJAX loading for all items. Plus we've got the first test version of Repeater Matrix released, and new support for field templates…

  • ProcessWire 3.0.13, selector upgrades, and new Form Builder version 8 years ago

    This week we've got major upgrades to ProcessWire's selector engine, a great new version of Form Builder, and a few other core updates as well!

  • New Repeater and Repeater Matrix features 2 years ago

    This week we have some very useful new additions to both the core Repeater Fieldtype and the ProFields Repeater Matrix Fieldtype. This post covers all the details along with a couple of brief demonstration videos. 

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  • Invoices Site Profile
    The new invoices site profile is a free invoicing application developed in ProcessWire. It enables you to create invoices, record payments to them, email invoices to clients, print invoices, and more. This post covers all the details.
    Blog / 15 March 2024
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