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Restricting file access to logged-in users


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We have an internal company site that we use to document specifications for software development. Currently, we use Adrian's ProtectedMode module to restrict the site to logged-in users, but one of the engineers just noted that uploaded files are (naturally, given the scope of the module) visible without authentication. While this isn't a huge risk (you have to know the URL to view an uploaded file), it is technically a security issue since we have lots of proprietary things attached to pages on the site.

Any ideas on how I could lock down these files so you have to be logged in to view them? 

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Thanks Adrian! (And thanks for the ProtectedMode module, too.) I just used the config settings referenced in a couple of those threads:

$config->pagefileSecure = true;
$config->pagefileSecurePathPrefix = '-';

And made sure the "guest" permission was disabled for the templates that have image attachments. For some reason, it seems to have taken about an hour to propagate (some links were still showing up unauthenticated), but everything appears to be locked down now.

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