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Polish (pl-PL)


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Hello, I've updated my polish language pacakge for ProcessWire 3.x to be fully compatibile with the latest master version - 3.0.148

In this update:
- added all missing translations for a new features,
- removed translation strings marked as abandoned
- few small corrections for typos

download at:




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Thanks a lot for the updates!

I took me over a year to finally dig into PW and start to use it in more serious way and I've been doing it for few weeks now.
First of all I'm catching up with A LOT of things here and trying to do things properly.
Learning to use Git and GitHub for a start... ?

Now. I've started a new project with PW which will be a base for other projects and our customs solutions.
Your package is a gift from heaven here but there are still minor typings errors or tentative translations.
I'll try to step up here a little bit and instead of opening an issue I'll try to fork your project and make some commits where necessary.
Hope you don't mind such a path.

Zdrowych (!!!) i radosnych Świąt Wielkanocnych! ?

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Another big update of my polish translation - Version 1.0.8 ( June 22, 2022 ) - fully compatibile with the latest ProcessWire master version - 3.0.200

In this update:

  • deleted abondend translations
  • deleted files where translations were moved to a different paths
  • added all missing files and translations for new master 3.0.200
  • fixed typos, small changes in current translations

If you need translations for older versions please check older releases at github


I'm having problems with login to the modules directory, so please use github, and I will try to update files in the modules directory asap.


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