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Over the last weeks, I had some critical thoughts about processwires ui/ux feeling (relative sizing, overflow-x, hover-states, word-wrap:break-word) but also its stability.

Last night I had the time to setup some new things. Good point for me to fiddle a bit around, with issues I've seen over the last months...

...short break:

A lot of bugs, I've noticed earlier, are gone...

@allcontributors I you!

However, someone left over some bugs, for me ;-)

I just ended up with an ugly and unstructured markdown file. No issues or pull-requests via git. The biggest reason, most things are between "bug" and "enhancement" or are just too platform specific. I think, it's better to talk about those stumbling blocks first.

Ok, enough for now.

As I said, it's markdown, to see the compiled thing, take this: https://gist.github.com/yckart/62b7b2ed9d0e3845cc4b

# Bugs - Mobile (iOS 8)

## Navigation closes immediately
Menu opens (for less than ~100ms) and closes immediately again.

Click on the upper left menu icon, scroll a bit down (~10px), click menu icon again. Try to open the menu.

## "Add New"-menu unclosable
Shortcut-menu to add new pages, can not closed again with "Add Menu"-button.

Click on "Add New" (is open), click again to close (is still open).

It's something about the hover-state in mobile safari. Adding `ontouchstart` to `<body>` could help. Better, listen for events and change states via javascript.

## ProcessLister not reachable
Lister (filter/related) is not "reachable".


1. Open backend on iOS.
2. Try to find/reach "lister" and "recent-pages"

Add a dropdown-menu with infinite levels of nesting. See also [#show-fullpage](#show-fullpage)

## <a name="input-auto-zoom-bug">#</a> Input auto zoom bug
If an input gets the focus, the page will zoomed in a bit. Causes horizontal scrollbars. See also [#horizontal-overflow](#horizontal-overflow)

Focus a text input element in the backend.

`html { text-size-adjust: 100%; }`


- http://stevenosloan.com/articles/2013/prevent-zooming-on-forms/
- http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2989263/disable-auto-zoom-in-input-text-tag-safari-on-iphone

## <a name="horizontal-overflow">#</a> Horizontal overflow
Causes horizontal overflow on some pages, mostly because of long words/text. See also [#input-auto-zoom-bug](#input-auto-zoom-bug)

View "ProcessPageEditImageSelect"-configuration page

`word-wrap: break-word`

## SystemNotifications ghost doesn't break words
Ghosts do not break long text on iOS.

**Solution 1**  
It's something with `position: fixed; width: 100%` and `position: fixed; left: 0; right: 0;`.

**Solution 2**  
I've seen some problems with `word-wrap: break-word`, I think there are some bugs related to this topic. See also [#horizontal-overflow](#horizontal-overflow)

## ProcessPageSearchForm too small
Input field is a bit too small, for my eyes.



## ProcessPageEditImageSelect image not scaled
The currently edited image in modal is not scaled down. We are able to define dimensions (e.g. 800x600), it seems that the image will get exactly this pixel-values as dimension-properties, makes the thing feel not that responsive as it could/should.


1. Open page with image field attached
2. Click an image (larger than the device viewport) to open modal.

Haven't looked deep in it, but something like this should help: `img { max-width: 100% ...`

## PageTable
### Drag breaks layout
Dragged item is not longer in box-model (due `position:absolute`) and visually breaks the table.

Move cursor over table item > hold mousedown and drag ~1px.

**Solution 1**  
Create clone and move this instead of original PageTableField.

**Solution 2**  
Save offset, before the PageTableField gets `position: absolute`.

### PageTable optional sorting
Sorting via drag-and-drop should be optional. Currently we can say that items added to PageTable are "pre-sorted" with `Inputfield_sortfields`, but they are furthermore sortable via drag-and-drop.

Add "Sortable via drag-and-drop"-option to PageTable

## NotificationBug alignment/position
It's annoying to have the NotificationMenu-toggler move always up/down (and it looks a bit too "floaty" in my eyes).

Move the NotificationBug right to search form and "fix" (not `fixed`) it at the top. 


# Feature requests
## <a name="show-fullpage">#</a> Show fullpage
It could be helpful to be able to switch (on mobiel devices) between mobile- and desktop version.

Add "Show fullpage"-link to footer

## Inline time picker on datetime field
If the date picker is inlined (always visible) theres no time picker available.

## <a name="line-trough-draft-pages-asmselect">#</a> Line trough draft pages AsmSelect
In PageLister a page with status "draft" is striked (~~line-through~~), should be the same in asmSelect (if "Allow unpublished pages" is enabled). See also [#asm-page-state](#asm-page-state)


1. Enable draft pages on PageTable.
2. Change page status to draft.
3. Open the referenced page and view select-field item.

## <a name="asm-page-state">#</a> Indicate page-states in asmSelect
Each state could visualized with different styles. See also [#line-trough-draft-pages-asmselect](#line-trough-draft-pages-asmselect)

- draft > ~~line-through~~
- hidden > opacity
- locked > *italic*

## Image-reference selection
Selecting already uploaded images, from any page, is a must have!

Indri is one great tool for this, https://github.com/ikayzo/indri

## Create page once
It should be a possibility to create pages (one the same tree-level) just once, instead of renaming to "duplicate-page-name-1".


1. Create new page with name "foo".
2. Create another page with name "foo".
3. Now you have "foo" and "foo-1".

Add "Singular"-option to templates to let us decide what we want. If this option-field is ticked later, on page edition show notification if page with name "foo" already exists and don't save, or ask what todo.

## Pre-select site-profile
If there's just one site-profile to install, use it.

## Show full version number on installation
During installation the version in footer-section is trimmed e.g. 2.5.29 => 2.5

## Dynamically enable field deletion
Ajax-check to enable "Delete field" after valid change on "Action"-tab.
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