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Using PHP / PW in an Interactive Shell on Windows

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regarding to a BlogPost from @Ryan yesterday, I want share a simple solution for all windows user, but the comments cannot show


start tags. So I post my comment here and link to each other.


You can mimic this, for example on windows, very easy like this:

1) create a php file, here named "pwphp.php", with this content:

echo "PHP (" . phpversion() . ") - Interactive mode enabled\n";
$fp = fopen('php://stdin', 'r');
define('quit', 'quit');
$in = '';
while('quit' != substr($in, 0, 4)) {
    echo 'php > ';
    $in = trim(fgets($fp));
    echo "\n";

2) create a windows batch file like this, (here named as pwphp.bat):

SET phpexe=C:\php-54\php.exe
SET phpparams=-d output_buffering=0

TITLE PHP Interactive Mode :: %CD%
"%phpexe%" %phpparams% %~dp0pwphp.php

Drop both files into the same directory. But this directory must be in your systempath!

Now open a windows shell and type: pwphp and have fun!  :)

To finish and leave Interactive Mode, you type "quit".

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