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CKEditor - trying to modify HTML-output with plugin htmlWriter


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CKEditor generates <br /> instead of <br>, so I searched a method, to replace trailing slashes in self closing html tags.

I found the CKEditor plugin Htmlwriter, which does just that, and installed it in /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/ in it's own subdirectory /htmlwriter/. Next I activated the plugin in my field configuration (field »body«) in the backend and added the required settings as JSON ({"selfClosingEnd": ">"}) to the now available »Htmlwriter settings« field.

But that didn't work. So, I placed some debug code in Htmlwriter's plugin.js (console.log('plugin loaded') ;), but the message never showed up in the console. The same debug code in e.g. /wire/modules/Inputfield/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/sourcedialog/plugin.js showed up perfectly.

So, I assume the /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/htmlwriter/plugin.js isn't included at all, although it's configured in the field settings.

I also get no error message, no 404s in the network panel or something like that.

Additionally, if I try to set configuration settings in /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config.js or /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/config-body.js they are ignored, while settings in the »Custom Config Options« field in the field settings work perfectly.

Does anybody know what I am missing here?

How is it possible to set up this CKEditor plugin properly in ProcessWire?

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your reply, LostKobrakai. I tried to put the plugin under /wire/, but that didn't work either.

Then I renamed the plugin to »htmlwriter2« (located in /site/modules/InputfieldCKEditor/plugins/htmlwriter2/) and surprisingly that worked. I think there is a naming conflict with code in ckeditor.js. Perhaps, the plugin »htmlwriter« is already pre-installed or it has meanwhile been integrated in the CKEditor core. Nonetheless, I couldn't get it to work without installing it as »htmlwriter2«.

Unfortunately, I also had no luck in configuring the plugin via the field settings of my »body«-Field. I tried the following JSON in the »htmlwriter2 settings«:

{"selfClosingEnd": ">"}

But that didn't work. I had to write this setting directly into the plugin file, but I would really like it better to be set via the backend.

You asked, why someone would want to remove the trailing slashes of self closing tags – When I switched from XHTML to HTML5, I decided not to use trailing slashes anymore and I just wanted the HTML output to look equally, even if it comes from CKEditor.

Next I will try to find out how the setting above can be set via the field settings in the ProcessWire backend.


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