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Tags- exclude unpublished

Peter Knight

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I have a list of Tags on a blog. They basically list all the tags used across all posts using the selector below.

echo "<ul class=\"rhs-meta\">";
$browse_tags = $pages->find("template=el-tag-individual");
foreach ($browse_tags as $tag) {
echo"<li class=\"\"><a href=\"{$tag->url}\">{$tag->title}</a></li>";}


I notice when a page is unpublished, tags used by a page are still included on the list of tags.

PW is just doing what I ask it- pull in all tags from pages with the template el-tag-individual

is there a way to exclude tags from unpublished pages?

The selector documentation refers to the opposite (including unpublished pages).

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Problem is, even the include unpublished is only testing the pages requested, means if the tag is unpublished or not. You can't get only tags used by published pages with a find selector.

$posts = $pages->find("template=posts"); // no unpublished ones
$tags = new PageArray();

foreach($posts as $post){

$tags = $tags->unique();

Note that this does not scale well with growing number of posts. The more scalable way would be hooking Pages::save and Pages::delete and unpublish tags if no other visible page is using it anymore / republish them if they are used again.

Edit: And again missed the other variant

$tags = $pages->find("tags");

foreach($tags as $tag){
  if($pages->count("template=post, tags=$tag")) continue;

  // Found at least one possible post
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