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PageTable on user template isn't working as expected


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I got a PageTable which isn't working on the user template. As a superuser everything works fine. As an editor the page from the PageTable gets saved but the but the saved page won't show up in the PageTable field. When the superuser adds the page to the PageTable field the editor can see and edit the page.

No console JS errors. Triend two admin themes. Tried Chrome and Firefox.

The editor role has access to both user template (view, edit, create, add) and the home template (view, edit, create, add) and has the rights page-edit and user-admin.

. The PageTable config is:

  • 1 template pointing to a template with a title and a page field
  • I'm saving the pages under /data/

The funny thing is that when I move the PageTable field to a basic-page (or any other) template everything works as expected. When I move it back to the user template the problem is there again. It has to be some rights issue since it is working for the superuser.

I've setup an account with the latest dev where a simple install shows the problem:


user: editor

password: test123

Try saving the PageTable field on a user. I've added the PageTable to the basic-page too, so you can see it's working there.

user: superuser

password: superuser1

Any pointers or can anyone confirm?

Thanks in advance,


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Whatever happened with this?

I'm getting the same issue, been testing with superuser up until now so all worked fine.

Now testing with a different role and I'm unable to access a custom page field in the user template.

Edit: It seems to depend on the type of page field.  I just changed to checkboxes and it works fine, still weird why it doesn't work with the other page field types.

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