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My blog: orkork.de


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i just launched my litte blog orkork.de

It's a german blog about nerdy topics like IT, development, photography, games, movies and more.

Responsive design, built on top of bootstrap.

Different teaser types and widgets are configurable in the backend, for every category node.

I use require.js for the internal js stuff and use gulp as a building tool for less compilation and css/js minification.

unveil.js manages lazy loading of images, including retina versions.

Though, it's not heavily optimized yet, but you have to start somewhere ;)

I would love to get some feedback, if you have any!



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Hi tsd, I really like it, especially the minimal color palette and the easily readable fonts and layout.

Nice subtle effects like the image rollover but it's still straightforward enough to navigate and to read the content.

Good job!

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