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Can't echo page title


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Hi PW community,

Here's my code: 

$films = $pages->find("template=film");
foreach($films as $film){
$poster = $film->poster->size(200, 280);
$g = $film->genre;
echo "..."

If I echo $g, I get the page id of each array item (eg. 1159|1245|1291 etc), but if I echo $g->title I get nothing.

I'm quite confused as if I echo $poster->url or path or name, that echoes out just fine.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks Adrian, I knew it was a simple fix and had been trying to get implode working but found PHPs manual a bit confusing. Ryan's examples made it much easier to understand.


$gt = $genre->implode(' ', 'title');
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To make this fully clear. The implode function you're using is a ProcessWire specific implementation of the php function. The php version does only work on arrays and the array has to be passed into the function as parameter. What you're using is a method of the WireArray class, which mimics a lot of the array features, but adds lot more to it. That's why the syntax is different and therefore the php docs wouldn't help to much.

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