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case with complex permissions


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I need advice on page&field access/permissions setup that I haven't tried in PW yet. Possibly it will save me few days of own experiments.

My site has order pages that contain tons of fields. For convenience, these fields are placed in several tabs. One of these tabs is "Supply" tab.

I want to give access to this tab for some types of users - "suppliers". Supplier - is a role assigned to specific users. Here story begins:

- specific supplier (e.g. user page) is set in the order by admin beforehand

- this supplier should be able to see only "Supply" tab. Other tabs should be hidden for him. Other suppliers shouldn't be able to see anything.

- there should be several visible but not editable fields for supplier in the "Supplier" tab

- other fields should be editable by supplier 

- there is also "semi-editable" field - repeater. Repeater has "visible but not editable" fields (like item name, q-ty which is set beforehand) and "editable field" where supplier enters such things as price, delivery date, etc.

In sum: I need template-fields visibility and template-fields editability per role, plus dependency checks (that user is pre-selected supplier).

Please advice - is it possible to do in PW admin? What modules should I use?

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