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locked field is collapsed


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Visibility>Presentation>How should this field be displayed in the editor?

If you select "Locked, value visible but not editable" - field is always collapsed.

Is it possible to set "Non-collapsed & Locked" ? How? Thanks.

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    • By Matze
      is there a way to activate the option Input > Visibility > Presentation > "Open when populated + Closed when blank" for a Fieldset (Page) containing some fields like text or textarea?
      To me it is always open, even if all fields inside are empty.
      Thx, Matze
    • By DV-JF
      I'm using this kind of setup (https://processwire.com/blog/posts/language-access-control-and-more-special-permissions/#language-page-edit-permissions) in order to control the page edit permissions. Now I'm wondering if it's possible to hide the "none-ediable" language-tabs instead of striking them through.

      Many greets...
    • By alexcapes
      I'm utilizing the new field level access controls that arrived with 2.6.2 on a new site.
      I've found however if I apply access controls to a field to 'view' that has visibilty set to a 'only show if' conditional statement, then the field does not display any content at all.
      So my example is:
      A translator role has only 'view' access to a field called 'content_type'  (note: both 'Access toggles' are ticked to allow viewing of field and API access) There are different fields viewable based on the value of 'content_type' for example there's a image field accessible only if 'gallery' is selected as content type. Even if 'gallery' is selected by superuser, the translator role cannot see or interact with the image field. Am I missing something here - or is this a bug in the new access controls?
    • By a-ok
      I find that if I have 'How should this field be displayed in the editor?' selected as 'Always collapsed, requiring a click to open' for a repeater field, and the repeater contains a text area (specifically ckeditor) then more often than not the text area is blank/hidden (if I view source the text is there).
      Any thoughts?
    • By hellomoto
      I have a page /team/ with url segments [1] enabled, that must equal the name of a user with a 'broker' role. On /team/ a list of all users with the 'broker' role is rendered. It does not appear if I am not logged in though. How can I enable this info to appear universally? I mean for public visitors to be able to view it as well... 
      Then this http://processwire.com/blog/posts/processwire-core-updates-2.5.14/ has got me curious about user hierarchy, as my site will require entirely different types of users that might as well have different input fields per type, hence different templates... Are they still accessible via the $user variable if an alternative template is used? or a different parent?
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