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Graphic Design for Curling Club Site


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We converted the web site for Broomstones Curling Cub (Wayland, Massachusetts, US) at www.broomstones.com to ProcessWire last summer in preparation for the current 2014-2015 curling season.  We only had time and resources to focus on the technical implementation details (membership management, league scheduling, sub requests, event management, etc) and not the graphic design.  Though we did get some nice responsive features into the site - mostly in the member-specific area that the public can't see.  But you'll see that in general we really don't have a graphic design.  We'd love to make it look like a proper web site.

I've seen many slick sites built on top of ProcessWire.  While knowledge of ProcessWire isn't really needed for creating a design for our site, I figured I'd turn here first to find someone with design skills and PW knowledge.

The types of pages we're looking to design:


  • Public home page including upcoming events, info on club rentals, public club news
  • Member home page including personalized schedule for upcoming league matches and non-public club news
  • Public event pages for tournaments that we host
  • Committee-specific pages
  • Member profile pages
  • Member profile directory page / profile photo browsing

We'll integrate the design into our site.

If you are interested, please email webmaster@broomstones.com.  We'd prefer a fixed price arrangement.



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