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Hi everyone,
I created a new version of this language pack for supporting ProcessWire 3.x : https://gitlab.com/vmaillard/pw_3.x_lang_fr
Since the GitHub repository was last updated in December 2016, I don't know exactly what to do with my version. Should I create a new module in the Language Packs directory? There could be the "French Language Pack (fr-FR)" and the "French Language Pack (fr-FR) for ProcessWire 3.x".
Have a nice day! 

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I didn't saw, that this repository is archived. Also @Pierre-Luc was last active in this board in 2016, so maybe a PM would help. If he doesn't reply for a long time, maybe a separate language pack or asking a board admin to replace the current one would be the only possibility. Good luck. 😉

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Hi all,

i'm currently working on a full translation of pw admin in French, slowly but surely, to be used in pw 3.0.184

two and a half main steps
- first, as advised in pw translation tool, deleting all unused phrases, checked 🙂
- and now, progressively, translate the phrases that are empty, well, most of them...
- in the meantime, i add the files in the "no translation files exist" list, beginning with, to my mind, the most useful ones, the fields that have changed so much they are not translated anymore, files, images, datetime...

both those last two steps in slow progress but in progress anyway

in case it could be useful for anyone other than my non english speaking clients 🙂 i update the zip file frequently here https://github.com/virtualgadjo/pw30184-lang-fr

have a nice day

a little update

  • no more unused strings/sentences: done
  • no more empty strings/sentences: done
  • a few lost translations (gone to the no translation file exists list, not in the middle of the ocean) back, images, files, datetime, toggle: done

i will continue creating those missing translation files to end with a fully translated admin, it will probably take a few days but even now the admin is really close to being frenchies friendly

as always, in case it may help

have a nice day
(and sorry if i do not sound serious enough but i can't 😄 )

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content update
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Hi all,

new post instead of updating again and again the previous one...

here we are, the translation is now complete, yes, i know i said yesterday "in a few days" but i forgot the kind of crazy guy i am 😄

  • no more abandoned/unused string/phase
  • no more empty string/phrase
  • no more files in the "no translation file exists" list which means some never translated files are now... translated 🙂 and those that were translated but didn't exist anymore for completely revamped modules/filetypes are now translated again


hope it will help, promise, i won't flood this post again before the next PW master release 🙂

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  • 8 months later...

Hi all,

as promised, i'm back 😀
here is a full translation for the last master release 3.0.200

yes i know, that was fast but, actually that's because i kept translating all "minor" releases from the last master one and i haven't seen any new sentence from the 3.0.199

in case it could be useful to anybody...

have a nice day

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