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Three new responsive Processwire sites for animation/vfx group

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Hi all,




I've added these to the directory but you might like to check some of the more interesting details written up in a blog post here - http://newnow.co/blog/the-4k-website/

They use:

  • Modified multisite module to mix shared and site-specific content in one instance
  • Modified thumbnail inputfield for cropping
  • Custom inputfield to retrieve video details from Vimeo API
  • Form builder module

They are responsive from mobile to 4K, built on Zurb Foundation, and use the new picture element in conjunction with Processwire to serve images at the most appropriate size, and double size for higher pixel density displays.

Wouldn't have been possible without the great forum content and documentation so thanks to everyone in the community!


New Now Ltd.





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Did you do something to prevent timeouts from such big image calculations? The 4k size is not the smallest image for php to parse.


No - on initial upload generating images is time consuming and when we deployed the site to its live server we had to keep navigating and getting through timeouts, but once everything is cached and it's only the occasional new upload it's fine.


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Have you considered lazyloading the images? The site takes a long time to load because of them. I did it some time ago on this page that is quite heavy on images, and I think it works quite well. In that case I used this jQuery plugin, but there is a myriad of solutions out there.

edit: More recently I also did it in our projects page, that uses picturefill, forgot about that :), I used this plugin since it's compatible with PF.

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