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Can't delete image on page edit. (dev 2.5.19)


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Hope somebody can help me out here. Dev 2.5.19 great so far apart from this quirk...

I created an image field, like normal.

I added it to a template, as normal.

I go to edit the page in question, upload the image. Everything great. Except now I can't delete the image. It just stays there on page save. Any ideas? Is this a known bug with the latest PW dev?

Everything else seems fine. Using Reno's theme, if that make's a difference?


P.S. just tried it with default theme and no difference.

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Here's a weird thing. It's not just new fields I've created since upgrading to the new dev, it's the same problem with every image. I can't delete anything! No error messages, nothing. I click the trash button and it goes red and scores it out like normal. But then hit save and it just comes back like I didn't do anything.

How curious. I don't think it's file permissions or anything like that because I haven't changed anything on the site directory. Just replaces the wire directory, as normal.

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Ah, good to know it's not just me. I was running the stable PW, but the new image and comments features caught my eye so I thought I'd give the newest dev branch a shot.

Do you know, is it safe enough to revert back to an earlier dev? Could that really mess things up?

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