I got a client request to make Word template so she can create an image of the weekly menu of a restaurant to post on Facebook. I usually get sick when I have to deal with M$ Word - it's frustration and it's not meant to be used things like that. So I figured out a better system: PW + html2canvas.js. It took more time to finish but it was worth the trouble. The main issues were html2canvas versus some CSS issues, plus switching to different languages in PW on each line. Also, JavaScript cannot offer named downloads, only "download.png", so I had to use HTML5 attribute "download" on links to be able to add custom download filename. I used ProField modules Table and Matrix Repeater which allow very pleasant editing of menu items, even in multilanguage context. Front-end editing is created using the built-in front-end editor. I was about to achieve inline editing of menu items but it soon turned out that repeaters and tables can't be edited this way. Anyway, it's still better compared to my module FEEL because sections are reloaded using Ajax and the admin lightbox shows only the fields I choose. Here's a quick screencap - when the gray background turns to dark gray, then the menu is not HTML but canvas, that can be downloaded.
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