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User as a child of a user

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is it somehow possible to add new users as children of other users?

I want to group users and thought that would be a nice structure to have groups of users put together as children of other users. Basically like:

  Group A
    User 1
    User 2
    User 3
  Group B
    User 4
    User 5
    User 6
    User 7

 I edited the user template to be able to have children and parents of user-templates - yet, whenever I add a child to a user it automatically will be appended to the 'Users' page. Also I cant move them from there, it says "You do not have permission to move pages using this parent - /backend/access/users/group-a/"

Couldn't find a solution so far - I think there is some intention behind it, because it is some admin/system stuff - but couldn't it be made possible?


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What about using user roles for this scenario instead?

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Not sure if this solves your needs in another way, but check out this module:


But, you might also be able to achieve what you want through some recent additions to dev which allows for parents for users:


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I thought about that but I don't want to spam the roles with hundreds of groups.

Also I could add another page which hold those groups which hold the according users. I will try to do this now - but I thought that first solution would be something clever and 'semantically neat' ... uhm or so ...




I think I will try out the latest dev version - I think this is exactly what I thought of!

Thank you, both of you!

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