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Customize field backend section


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Hello all! I'm Andrea and I'm new in PW world. Lovely place, i like it! It's the perfect hook between cms and framework!

But now, we come to the question.

- It's possible to duplicate (throught .append() jquery method) the form section in backend admin panel? (i.e. http://tristandenyer.com/using-jquery-to-duplicate-a-section-of-a-form-maintaining-accessibility/) I created a form backend, allowing the user to enter information, but I would like to duplicate a section (the section name products).

- is there the possibility of generating a .jpg or .pdf from a php page?

Sorry for my bad english guys !

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Thank you again all done!

The last question if it's possible...

I used Pages2Pdf to generate the pdf , and is perfect .

There is the ability to send the PDF to an email address ? ( via button or with other function ) ?

Thank you again for the help guys!


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