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SystemNotifications - Fatal Error

Peter Knight

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I moved a site from my local machine to a staging server over the weekend. The site (front end) displays fine but the backend gives error of

Fatal error: Class 'SystemNotificationsConfig' not found in /var/www/vhosts/testdomain.com/domain.com/wire/modules/System/SystemNotifications/SystemNotifications.module on line 346

I checked the files on the site under /wire/modules/System/SystemNotifications/ and can confirm SystemsNotifications.module exists.

Opening this file up and looking at line 346 ...

// convert runtime Notices to Notifications and bundle into array
if($this->placement == SystemNotificationsConfig::placementCombined) {

The SystemNotificationsConfig mentioned above is a PHP file which also exists and has the same permissions as the working version on my test site.

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