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LanguageSupportFields renamed/gone in 2.5.17?

Dave Damage

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Hi folks,

since my Update to 2.5.17(dev), it seems that LanguageSupportFields was either renamed or is gone. Now it is impossible to install:

  • Languages Support - Page Names
  • Language Support - Tabs
  • Page Title (Multi-Language)
  • Text (Multi-language)
  • Textarea (Multi_language)

Has anyone else stumbled across this?

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Just tested but seems to be installing normally here. Are you sure you have the main LanguageSupport module installed? that's a pre-requisite or all the modules you listed. You might also try a Modules > Refresh, just in case the cache needs a clear. 

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Hey Ryan,

the problem occured when I updated to .17 and refreshed. Languages Support is installed and when I refresh nothing changes. 

But if it works in your installation, I suspect that something is wrong with mine. 

Edit: Just took a look into my wire/modules/LanguageSupport-Folder and LanguageSupportFields.module is sitting there...



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