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Fieldtype: Select (AKA Drop Down) Multi Language


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I see a fieldype made by Hanni;  and i have a question with multi language; there's a way to made this fieldtype to save to multiLanguage processwire 2.5.* ?

The module is:


PD: i know there's a page fieldtype; but i dont wanna use that cause the final user dont need to see a page with 30 children for 1 category dropdown.


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This is Joss' territory, so I am sure he will chime in with why Page fields are perfect for this, but until he does .... I'll say it - page fields are perfect for this :)

Seriously though, they handle the multilanguage side of things and have so many other advantages. Remember that a page is just a row in a DB table which is how this would be set up in most other systems anyways - I think it is just the "page" tree structure in the admin that makes people think it is more resource intensive or something? 

If you are worried about your users see the page tree with 30 children, just make it a child of a hidden settings page or something else like that. If that is not sufficient, which it really should be, you can even hide the page (and its children) completely from your editor users using this draft module: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/1176-hiding-uneditable-pages-from-users/?p=84916

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