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Map Marker Fieldtype: lat lng problem with roadmap


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Im having troubles to make this work; for some reason on the admin area i can set my market fine; but when i render the map y de frontend the marker just go difrent from i save.
I dont see why the module is making the marks  in drifrent location from save on the db.

Edit1: when i change the map to hybrid mode the market show in the right location; but if i switch to roadmap the cursor move from the location.

$markers = $page->children();
$map = $modules->get('MarkupGoogleMap');
print $map->render($markers, 'field_map', array('type' => 'ROADMAP'));

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Since we're dealing with coordinates that don't change, it would guess that something is manipulating this at the CSS level so that the markers are getting offset. Especially if you are not seeing the same offset in the admin preview of your marker. The best bet may be to isolate and test it in an environment outside of any particular site (no other CSS or JS other than what comes with MapMarker and Google), and then slowly add your other files back to narrow in on what is causing the apparent 100-pixel (?) offset to the left. I'd also suggest trying another browser, just in case.

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