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Jim Yost

Module requirements check

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When developing a module, is there any way for a requirements check before the module can be installed? Or perhaps a way to disable the install button if the module requires a certain version of php, or a certain module installed?

For instance, maybe my module requires calls to the W32api which is only available when installed on a Windows machine. I don't want it installed when running on PHP (that would be misleading).


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In your module, you can create an ___install() function, and an ___uninstall() function (if you want).

Do your requirements check in the install function that is a public method in your module class. For instance:


class YourModule extends WireData implements Module {

    // ....

    public function ___install() {
        $v = explode(".", phpversion());
        if($v[0] < 5 || ($v[0] == 5 && $v[1] < 3)) {
            throw new WireException("Sorry, your version of PHP is older than 5.3, can't install...");
    // ...


Also see /wire/core/Module.php, which contains the interface for modules. Most of the functions are optional, so they are commented out and there just for documentation/reference purposes.

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