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Setup > Templates and Setup > Fields menu links not working


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Hi guys

I have a strange problem here on a slightly older site running 2.4.0 (can't upgrade because hosting for that site doesn't offer php 5.3+)

In the admin, when I try and use the Setup > Templates or Setup > Fields links

a) The dropdowns show no templates or fields

b) When you click the link a file called simply 'download' is downloaded to my computer which when you open it is appears to be a PW php file, bootstrap?

Can anyone explain this?



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You are probably right. I had just tried to force a higher php version by adding a handler to the .htaccess using the cpanel file manager...probably not the best idea.

This was just after trying to run ProcesWire Upgrade (only to be told I can't upgrade)

I will check the logs when I am next near my computer and report back

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Working from another computer I replaced the .htaccess with a fresh copy and it appeared to fix the problem.

Unfortunately, I didn't confirm the problem existed on that computer too before replacing the .htaccess

Back on the original computer the problem persisted but was resolved by clearing the Chrome cache.

So I coudn't be 100% on the exact cause. Never mind

Thanks for your help

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