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Admin Theme "ourClient" - minimalism/flat


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since everyone is trying to make themes based on their own wishes and needs, I tried to have a view from our clients: what do they really need? how often? what should they see and what not...? so I ended up with a really clean theme.

  • the trash page will not be shown in the page tree. I'll move it in the right bottom corner.
  • some footer informations are not necessary to be visible all the time (eg. pw version, copyright). I want to hide them behind a button.
  • I often see people looking for a "back button" because they don't want to use the browser back button (don't know why - maybe just my view?).

some ideas for other features (like custom colors)?

let me know what you think. thanks :)




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yes, just a prototype. I first want to see if anyone has inputs for me. Ye i know, I never mock-up this little things, I do it while developing - no time for this ;) Yes it's planned.

thanks for your feedback.

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I think it looks really good. I like how it helps focus very clearly on what you are working on (e.g., the page list, page edition, etc.), and puts all other considerations to the side (navigation, etc.).

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@ajben - very nice - some of my 'older' clients would probably benefit from a simpler admin (even though pw admin with Reno is IMHO state of the art..)!

Would be willing to contribute, help in any way to push forward alternative admin themes!

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