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how to get a right url ?


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My pw is installed under a sub-folder i.e http://localhost/pwtest

i just created a frontend user login page. The url path is


in the main template

I have hard-coded a login link

<a href="user/login">Sign in</a>

At the homepage, the login url look good, it will show http://localhost/pwtest/user/login

However when I go to another page say a contact page http://localhost/pwtest/contact

When hover the login link, it changed to http://localhost/pwtest/contact/user/login

and it is not a correct link

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Im using :

<a href="<?php echo $pages->get(ID_OF_PAGE)->url; ?>">
   <?php echo $pages->get(ID_OF_PAGE)->title; ?>

This way i get page that i want, i can change its name and title from inside admin panel. This way i dont have to go in code every time i want change title or parent of the page

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