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Hi Pete,

Couple of things, one related, one not.

In the developer directory, is there any method we could implement to verify that a member's data is valid and functioning correctly? For example, one member's web site returns an error. This looks bad. Can we poll the URLs and notify members if an issue is discovered?

[Note: I PM'd the member about this error.]

Not related: On the members page of this forum, the alphabet tabs don't appear to work. Selecting a specific letter returns all results rather than that group. Where should this issue be reported? Or in the immortal words of Monte Python, "Those responsible have been sacked."

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Hi all

It's been long overdue, but I have approved all pending profiles (well, except one where they were just trying to advertise some database app that had nothing to do with ProcessWire whatsoever!).

@rick - it would be nice to do this. I will add it to my list of things to do. Just today I added a manual link in the Dev Directory admin to check the user's "sites using PW" against isit.pw to save me some time so I can certainly see the benefit of automated checks for existing members in the directory too. Can you let me know if that user's website link is still broken please?

@incognito.ms - apologies, I was way behind on directory approvals and your profile has now been approved.

@Sephiroth - think of it this way, you have the Nigerian market all to yourself then at the moment :)

There are more planned updates to the directory in coming months, and I appreciate everyone taking the time to submit so many sites for verification. I would suggest you all list your sites in the Sites Directory as I can see one or two that aren't there. I appreciate this isn't always possible due to client confidentiality though, but more exposure for your skills where possible can't be a bad thing :)

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@Pete true that, sadly getting payment from Overseas is another issue, though customers are loving PW, i use them for Projects where customers want strong ownership over content management, however my eager to migrate to 3.0 due to Namespacing and using 3rd Party lib easily. 

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If you're logging in with "Sradesign" as the username, it looks like that's just your display name and your username is actually your real name - I just checked this in the forum admin.

So it should be one or the other I think.

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