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I'm happy to announce that the official ProcessWire Developer Directory has been launched at http://directory.processwire.com

It comprises a developer list and a map and is designed to allow anyone developing with ProcessWire to find each other. It also allows potential clients to find developers as well as illustrating how widely ProcessWire is used worldwide.

The developer list displays in random order so as not to favour any one developer and is currently quite short, but it should grow nicely as you create your own profiles.

The login process is linked to your ProcessWire forum account so the same details you use to login here will allow you to get started.

There is a manual approval process as well as some rules so that we can ensure that the directory contains quality content and is free of spam. As a minimum, developers must have 10 posts here on the forums before they can login and post a profile, however after that there are relatively few restrictions - as long as you follow the guidelines on the Profile form and abide by the Terms and Conditions (a condition of submitting a profile) you will be fine.

You may notice small icons/badges next to some developers - these are designed to recognise special contributions to the ProcessWire project and are awarded by staff as part of the approval process. Whilst checking each entry's content we cross-check against forum profiles, the modules directory and other sources to determine which badges apply to a developer.

There are plans for more features over time which you can be notified about by checking the box at the end of the profile form.

I look forward to seeing your profiles soon!

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Hmm... sorry about this guys - please try again. Seems to only affect new profiles but I've removed the offending line of code (it is confusing as to why it works for existing profiles and not new ones but it wasn't a completely necessary line, just had to hardcode some field names).

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This is a great idea, and I've tried to register too. But I have also received an error, "There was an error processing your details. Please try again."

I always remember just using Twitter to register/sign in to the forums, but I did go into the settings and reset my password using what I thought it was. But I still can't seem to get on :( I have logged out and back in - using Twitter - as it seems I can't use my password to sign in. Anything else I can do? :)

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Thanks to everyone who has submitted profiles so far.

As a special bonus, you can go to the main directory page each day tiles photos/logos behind the top button will display up to 39 random developers each day. There is some repetition now as we have less than 39 approved, but it keeps things interesting.

It's just some code that loads random dev images and creates a background image using GD on a CRON job at about 5am (Eastern time? not sure what the server is set to) in case anyone was wondering.

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