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Site will only update if logged into CMS


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Hi Guys,

I have used Processwire a handful of times and never had this issue.

Basically no forms throughout the site will submit unless you are logged into the CMS.

For example if i am logged in on another tab I can submit a contact form however when logging out contact forms do not submit. Even when updating code via the ftp client I cannot see the changes take effect on the front end if I am not logged into the CMS.

Can anyone help please?



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In the template settings unter the tab cache, that's the tamplate caching I'm talking about. It should only be enabled, if there's no dynamic content on the page, as the whole outputtet html of this template will be cached. So all your code from the corresponding template.php will be omitted as long as there's a valid cached version.

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If you have template cache enabled you have additonal options appearing for defining GET or POST variables on which cache is not enabled. So enter some GET or POST vars you have in your form and it works.

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