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Change edit area based on children


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I'm just starting off.

Is it possible to have a somewhat dynamic edit area for a page? I would like the area to have fields that correspond to the children of the page. Each field is the same, but the number of them is the number of children.

For example, these pages:






Then, on the edit screen for "Resources," there would be a section for each person. If I deleted a child page, person, then the section would get deleted.

Is this possible with PW? Or should I rethink my approach?


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This is exact what this module is for....


You could setup everything that lists something with a few fields and images and have it if you wish rendered in backend like in the frontend...

The Core PageTable module can provide editing of childpages, too.


Or if you have to edit many pages of the same type you could look at ListerPro there you can set with filters different views for editors/users to edit special pages...


Have fun mr-fan

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And your approach is very good.

everything is a page like bob is a page (maybe with template "person") Bill is a page and so on.

  • you could extend the person template if needed...
  • you could add as many person pages as you need...

this is the right direction to go.

the scalabity is one of the greates things with processwire!! ;)

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