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Hi Guys, 

So we have been working with ProcessWire for sometime now.  We absolutely love ProcessWire so much that we have changed our site from a custom build on a custom CMS to WordPress and now ProcessWire and will never go back to anything else.  We launched a small version of our site to test the migration from WordPress a couple months ago and now have finalized a new look and feel.  We are a small team based out of the Chicagoland area that is eager to grow.

Our go to CMS is ProcessWire for our clients.  

Please take a peak at:


We are currently running the latest version of ProcessWire with Template Editor Module.

We are looking to start building some of our own modules in the near future.

Ryan Cramer, thank you for such an incredible CMS.  ProcessWire community, thank you for such an amazing group of fellow developers, designers and SEOS.  You guys are all great and have helped us grow so much with answers to API questions, suggestions and advice.

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Very glad to hear you've made the switch - its really awesome to hear great feedback!

Site looks very impressive (kongondo, you've started something here...) indeed. One thing to point out: under the "Stop trying to build your own website." block, there's a closing HTML comment tag. This is being shown because of the following:

<!-- One -->
<!--<section id="one" class="wrapper style1">
    <div class="container">
        <header class="major">
            <h2>We design and develop websites that drive results.</h2>
            <p>Increase your customer base, build your business and remain competitive with our website design and development expertise.</p>
        <!--<div class="slider">
            <span class="nav-previous"></span>
            <div class="viewer">
                <div class="reel">
            <span class="nav-next"></span>

That last comment closer...

Thanks for sharing your work :)

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Hi Mike, we must have missed this last piece, since that was the last element added to replace a previous message. We simply commented out the previous message temporarily as we have something sweet cooking up to release soon!

Thanks for the catch, it is now fixed! 

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