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How to manage many child pages in admin?

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What happens when you have many - dozens, hundreds, ... - child pages in the tree, like typically 'posts' for a page 'blog'?

Can you put them under their own management section on the top admin bar/masthead? How?

Or will that happen automatically?

This question has probably been answered many times in many different ways, but I am probably using the wrong search terms. Or it is something painfully obvious that I am overlooking. Don't know where to start with this.

ProcessWire is great btw! Seems to get everything right that Wordpress got wrong.

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Welcome to the forums!

The child pages becomes paginated. Default is 50 pages before pagination. You can change it under Modules Page List.

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Peter - this was one of my questions too before I started using PW. Luckily PW handles this natively in a very cool way via pagination as @Mats mentioned.

There's a few other nice touches which PW features:

The search in PW is lightning fast and allows you to jump to any page within seconds. Even if that page is buried within container pages etc, it's a quick operation.


PW has a Recent (Pages) shortcut under the Pages tab which is another great way to access recent pages within a few clicks.


Finally, there's a paid Extra called ListerPro which allows you to save views of certain pages. 

It's a good question but not anything you need to be worried about. I think the PW demo of the fictional SkyScrapers site (see link on PW site) holds some bunches of pages within the paginated format. Worth a quick look.

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Thanks for the responses!

I now see the admin demo for the Skyscrapers site. It is a decent solution. 

But I think the PW profile module (?) for a blog had an admin bar tab for posts. Is there a way to do that; move a group of child pages to their own admin section?

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Hi Peter!

The pages tree in the admin becomes paginated after 50 pages or more unless you change the default setting. You can also use the lister to search/filter pages on template/parent/what ever.

On the front end it's entirely up to you how you would like to display the pages/list of pages.

EDIT: I see you changed your question, so this answer might seem a bit off topic. 

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