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Get image from multiple pages based on current page selection


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It's late so forgive me if I make no sense. 

context: This is for a film database

How can I pull a specific image from another page based on a selection from the current page?

So, I am selecting a classification/rating for the film (e.g PG) - this works great and I am outputting the title of the selected page on the front-end.

On each of the classification pages, I created an image field for a single image and uploaded the respective classification image/logo.

Here's the code I used to echo the page title:

<?php $rating = $page->classification; echo "<a href='{$rating->url}'>{$rating->title}</a>";

I thought I'd be able to echo the image by adding:

<img src='{$rating->image}'>

but no such luck.

Thanks in advance!


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Make sure the image field is set to 1 image only, otherwise it will be an array.

You have taken the right route to get to the image field, though you don't really need to set up a separate $rating variable.

$page->classification->image_field, and then add ->url to output the url

echo "<img src='{$page->classification->image_field->url}' alt='{$page->classification->title}'>";
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