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Released: PadLoper (commercial eCommerce platform for ProcessWire)


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I get this error when completing the checkout process. Everything seems to work, though:

Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /Applications/XAMPP/xamppfiles/htdocs/processwire-shop/wire/core/Modules.php on line 1764


Got it. I did not install the module for the downloads. Thought I did not need this.

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Hi there
I would like to create some user input fields per product which shuld then be added to the order information.

So I would need some sort of cutsomer note but not for the whole order but for every single product.
Some sort of product customisation for customers.

Is there already a nice strategy how to do something like this with padloper 2 ?
Best wishes, Lukas

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Hello there comrades

1. so after working with padloper, i am not sure if its even proper eshop module, like i still dont know how to add normal creadit card payment with bank gate, and by bank transfer, either plugin is undevelopted or their wiki lacks information, i also didnt found any option to add more shpping methods, in wiki they used shippingFixed Module which just lets me set a one fixed price for shipping, but i need to have more options as personal pick up from eshop, delivery by courier, or delivery by postal service, i dont know how to make any of these options, is this even professional eshop module ? or snipcart is way to go ?

2. i am also fighting with this error

Fatal Error: Uncaught Error: Call to a member function getCart() on null in site/templates/_head.php:34

with this code

		$padloper = $modules->get("Padloper");
        $cart = $padloper->getCart();
        echo $cart;

i am trying to somehow get page's cart price, and echo it next to cart button, i dont understand why there isnt more avalaible API in  the web, how do i do this

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