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ttfp.eu, Team Training For Professionals

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A clean, Basic Foundation website, build using Processwire.

Team Training For Professionals

The client is happy with the site, and using Repeaterfields and Hannacode makes adding FAQ's piece of cake!


This was am "in between" hobby project, but as always took much longer estimated.

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Hi Spoetnik

Interesting theme they have. I would recommend that you check your site again with gtmetrix and apply the changes they suggest. It will help you to get much more speed out of your site. http://gtmetrix.com/reports/ttfp.eu/gg834XCN - Try to achieve values higher than 95% in Pagespeed and Processwire and a loading time less than 1.2 sec

Until now the site also has no SEO optimization - The module Nico is developing woudl be a great instant help for that problem too. Just install it and apply the seo values mentioned in there - fill out the fields.

Most of all I would recommend enabeling gzip compression and as a next step using a supercharger like cloudflare to speed up loading times and to improve security and even give your customer  some more nice features for free - as he needs to communicate with customers - i.e. uservoice etc. check it out.


Thanks for sharing

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Thanks Lisandi for the recommendations.

I had nginx serve the static files, but this wasn't the fastest option. Now Apache serve the static files, and ik enabled gzip, caching etc. 

I am familiar with cloudflare for another site I am building. That client has his customers all over the world, so a CDN release benefits. This is all Dutch, so I don't see anly real benefits of cloudflare here.

I will look into the SEO module, thanks.

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Hi spoetnik

simply create a sub domain, redirect that to cloudflare and test it out. ;-)
he comparison:

As you can see the % values already improved a lot but there is still huge space for improvements. You will realize also that your othervalues actually went up! what is not so good! page loading time doubled even - better would be to make it using have of the time from the first gtmetrix test and this is feasible.

Give it a try!

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