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hull social networking - p/w user integration?


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I'm currently building one site in processwire and greatly enjoying it.  Another site I have plans for is a social networking/forum site.  PW is currently a little weak in that area with regards to prebuilt modules for social login, open graph posting, following, etc.  - although it's all possible certainly.

I came across hull.io which is a french startup that provides social logins, mentions, follows, commenting, etc. more or less out of the box as a service.  I'm curious about a couple things...

1) Does any one have any experience with this and/or any production sites using it?

2) How would one go about integrating hull.io with PW users - i.e. socially login via hull.io and then get a pw user made automatically?

There is a wordpress module that I've looked through to see how they did the integration and I think between looking that over, the hull docs and perhaps the pw facebook login module I could get close.  Could use some pointers, or ideally some info from someone who has used the service.  Their docs have some notes for external integrations - http://www.hull.io/docs/users/byou

This might be a quick way to add social services to a pw site without a ton of custom coding.

(oh and I don't work for them certainly....  just curious about how to go about this type of integration and if anyone has done it)....

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