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Supporting Processwire module authors


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Many members of the community create modules that are very helpful for me and others and offer great support for these modules.

We can offer our appreciation with a thanks in a forum post etc.. which is great and gives a feel good factor.. but to create and support modules can take a great deal of time and energy and with this in mind I was thinking how it would be nice if we could show our appreciation by having the opportunity donate beer money to authors of modules that we use.

How about if a donate button is displayed on each module page so that donations could be made to the author of the module?

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I think there was a discussion about this some time ago in a thread here. While I quite like the ideas, I see some challenges that comes with this approach

  • Who is handling the payment? What about taxes? How to "book" this income?
  • How exactly should they work? Flattr? Paypal Donate?
  • Why not just leave it up to the Developer, to include a Donate Link in his/her description?

And I'm not sure if that many people would donate after all. If we/Ryan spent about 20-30 hours building the donate function and we only collect 200-300 Dollards in Donation after all..... - better build another great module :)

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Well, I recently added a Donation button to my SEO module: 


I think that is a decent solution as you only see it if you scroll to the bottom of the module's setting page.

(And I added a "Buy me a beer" link to my signature at the forum as you see below).

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that'd be hard for me, since Paypal is not supported in my country, its why freelance hasn't even been an option available to me so i just give free for what's worth. is there any Module I can pick and use to learn got a hard time grasping module development. 

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