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IF statement if page has [3] parents


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Hi Guys,

I am trying to create an IF statement that will show text only if the parent exists.

I have made a start to but when the page does have the third parent as such it still shows the else statement.

Can anyone help please?

$parents = $resort->parents;
  echo $parents[2]->title;
if ($resort->has_parent[3]) {
  echo ", ";
echo $parents[3]->title;
else {
echo "test";

Thanks in advance,


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Not really sure what you are trying to do, since you don't have to check if a parent exists. A parent always exists in ProcessWire. This is how you can check the number of parents. Maybe that will help you out.

$parentCount = count($page->parents);
if ($parentCount == 2) echo "do something";
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