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Michael Murphy

Problems deleting pages used by a PageTable and PageTableExtended field

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I am having problems deleting pages used by a PageTable and PageTableExtended field

Processwire version :  2.5.8 dev

Modifications : I have installed Language support for Fields and Page Names.

This issue affects the PageTable and PageTableExtended modules - they are both slightly different but maybe connected somehow. That could be because of the whole interconnectedness of everything or because they have almost the same name. 

With the PageTable

I am storing the PageTable pages in a hidden folder called "Videos".

If I delete one of these pages outside of where the PageTable is being used (i.e. from the "Videos" folder) the following happens :

If I am logged in as root admin, the deleted PageTable page is greyed out, I can open the page and edit, but there is a message that : 

This page is in the Trash

And there is no way from this dialog to restore the page (of course you can go manually to the trash and restore it).

If I am logged in as an editor (with reduced permissions but including "page-delete") - the deleted PageTable page is greyed out, but when I try to edit the page, there is an error message. 

Module ProcessPageEdit failed init - You don't have access to edit
No page found

And it is not possible to edit the page.

With the PageTableExtended

I am storing the PageTableExtended pages in a hidden folder called "Content Blocks". 

If I delete one of these pages outside of where the PageTable is being used (i.e. from the "Content Blocks" folder).

When logged in as root admin and also as an editor (with reduced permissions but including "page-delete") I get the following error when trying to edit the page where the PageTableExtended is being used.

Page '/en/trash/1743_content-block-36/' is not currently viewable.

The only way to allow them to edit the page again, is to go into the trash and restore the deleted content block back to it's original location (the "Content Blocks" folder).

Thanks for any help!

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@Michael Murphy - i know it sounds sort of Yoda, but perhaps don't delete the pages except with the pagetable? that would prevent that issue; don't give trash/delete permission to those roles that might see the error?

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Hi Macrura,

That is what I have told the editors to do for now until I work out what is wrong.

The reason I would like to do this is because I want to allow the editors different ways of managing the content outside of the PageTable field context. 

First I have added some helper links on the front end that allows editors to easily edit the PageTable pages.

I have also setup some Lister pro saved searches for certain PageTable pages (I call them "Content Blocks") like for "Video blocks" and "Image blocks" - so an editor can easily change any of the videos or images from the Lister view (almost like a media manager).


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