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SOLVED: Can I use children() with $pages


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I am looking to display Scorecards on a rider_profile.php page.  I am using a event_results.php page that has a pagetable field that generated the scorecards.  The settings of the pagetable field has the pages being created under a page called scorecards. 

There are going to be multiple cards throughout the year for each rider depending on how many events they attend.  Since there are multiple cards per rider I set the pagetable setting for Automatic Page Name Format to Ymd:His to create different folders for each scorecard. 

When I did that my code below doesn't work of course.  How do I search the children folders?  I am using $pages so I don't think I can use children() .

$event_hx = $pages->get("/2014-season/scorecards/")->find("template=scorecard, Competitor~=$rider");
foreach($event_hx as $hx) 
    echo "<li><a href='{$hx->url}'>{$hx->Event_Name}</a></li>";

Link to Dr Frankenstein's monster.


I noticed this thread suggested by the forum as related and changed the code to below and it works.

 $pages->get("/2014-season/scorecards/, include=all")
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