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Monitor for web design/ photography


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I was going to post this monday when the forum took a rest :):

You're "talking" in euros or in pounds :)?

So, the BenQ BL3200PT won't fit in the middle... I couldn't decide on choosing one so I've just taken this one. It's the first time I really invest in a good (and - very - big) monitor. Now I need to find projects.

I have to reorganize my desk and change from laptop to desktop for my main computer to use it with a DVI-D Dual Link cable (with a DVI-I Dual Link connector).

On my laptop I have hdmi <= 1.4 (so "only" a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 - and it seems neat enough only on GNU/Linux).

You can find it sometimes for around 550 euros.

There are also BenQ 27 inches monitor like BL2710PT (or BL2700HT) for example.

Or good asus or other brand monitors, depending on several factors and what you want from a monitor, of course.

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I don't really understand why you need some profi monitor if you come from music and never had to do something with color management or something else.

I've IeaRn on the newest Lacia (2006) Monitor to design & make beauty the product's/pics for some big companies like KNORR, MAGGI, PERIE and its a science. My goal was that it seems well if it's printed.

All the Color management, print profiles etc. have to be configured especially for the print/screen output .

You will never have the same thing for all users.

E.g. you have a good screen with well configured colkor management. On you Screen is the Artwork perfect.

BUT !!! On other devices screens/ printers / phones you will never had the same thing.

Every hardware is configured with other ways . In most cases with the humans eye.

So what's the main goal that you Will reach with better or new screen ? Your own ? For customers ? Screen / print product's ??

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Just another addition: Dell released a new IPS 27" (and also 24") UHD/4K (3840x2160) displays in the last week. While they're no reviews, the screens are shipping. Look for the Dell P2715Q or Dell P2415Q. The 27inch models costs about 700 Bucks. 

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I had a look  - they seem nice. Saw just a couple of reviews and people liked them

However, it looks like you need to be running windows 8.1 or yosemite to get the high resolution

Edit: okay, not sure that is true ... might be a mistake on a review

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