It allows bulk automated migration installation and upgrading of modules (and their config settings) from one PW install to another, so it should be very handy in setting up new sites with your standard collection of favorite modules and settings. Allows includes batch installing by a list of module class names.   Go to the Setup > Module Toolkit and follow the prompts. During the import, you can choose which modules from the collection to import.
  You can optionally import the module config settings from the source install. The one caveat is if a particular setting includes a reference to a page, template, or field ID, it won't work, but you can easily update this setting on the destination install.
  Batch install new modules directly from the modules directory with a list of module classnames or URLs to module zip files.
  You can optionally, automatically update all of the imported modules (if they are in the ProcessWire modules directory) to their latest available versions.
  It copies the module files so you can use it to migrate modules that are not available in the PW modules directory, or on Github. Great for all those custom helper modules you've created.
  Full restore feature in case something goes wrong / you change your mind. I maintain a dedicated test PW install for installing and configuring modules which I can then export for use in my projects using this tool. Please test and let me know what you think!
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