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Hello all,

I'm working on a travel directory site with locations of the region I live in in Thailand. This is a private fun learning project.

I would like to assign an icon to each location. ATM I have a simple text input field in my location template where I manually type in the fontawesome class name for the icon I want to assign which is a bit tedious.

So I am thinking about putting together an Inputfieldtype "Icon" which will surely aid in learning PW module development (and some more PHP along the way) :)

My concept so far:

-since people will hardly use all 500+ icons on their sites, I want to use an asm select in the field setup to search and select the icons that we want to use

-the asm select should show both, the icon and it's class name for each icon

-then use the selected icons to populate a select dropdown field as input field where the user can choose an icon.

Which inputfield module could I have a look at that is using asm select in the field setup?

I used import.io (which really is a fun tool) to create a data set with all fontawesome4.2.0 icon class names and their unicodes. If you're interested you can see the dataset here (you need to login/signup with them first).

I can export the dataset as JSON and use that to populate the asm select for the field setup.

These are my ideas so far. Yours are always welcome :)

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