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A way to list the used template files or other page fields beside the page title in pagetree


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You have to edit thousands of pages and assign to several pages different templates.
i.e. when you import pages via csv/txt

If you now have to change a branch of pages to use another template you have tp click every single page to do so, which costs a lot of time. beside this it is a huge resource fopr errors that one page gets skipped. To find those pages is not easy as you again have to click every single page than settings and than read what template gets assigned click again to get out and to the next page.

A better way would be if there would be a way to list certain db fields from pages also beside the pagetree.


pagetitle - used template file - any other field i.e. from SEO

With a click of the "used template file" you would get immediately to the tab on that specific page to change the template. dito to modify other page related settings or fields.

To get an overview it would be not enough to have only one page listed with these options. More usable would be to have the possibility to list actually branches or even the complete pagetree with their assigned additional fields and data in a table style to see immediately when i.e. template file hasn't been filled with the correct value or if th seo data of a certain page is missing or wrong. etc.

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I'm pretty sure that those things can be done already.

Styling the Pagetree can be done with a CustomModule like here: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/5609-display-a-template-icon-base-on-date-field/

And to get a list of all pages by certain criterias (template, parent, empty fields etc.) can be done with Find / Lister:


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