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Very, Very, Very, Very Silly


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So, I am nearing the completion of this site and I suddenly notice that just beneath my navbar a line of text has appeared. 

What? I didn't put that there! How long has that been happening?

Well, I have been messing with a couple of functions, so that must be it. I delete them, but it is still there.


I delete more off the page.

Still there.

I look at the source. Whatever this is it has effectively chopped my <head> in two - half of it is now sitting inside the body tags.

I look at the head.inc and delete quite a lot of it. 

Still there.

The text actually sort of relates to some of the info on the page. So I delete a couple of fields from my template-file. 

Still there.

I turn to another page - same problem, And another. Same problem. Try one with a different template. Same problem. Then another one. And that one hasn't got it.

Huh? It is the same template I started with!

Okay, if in doubt, read the text. It dawns on me that the text is a list of child pages - the last one I tried does not have children.

So, where on earth is it coming from?

On a hunch, I open my functions file which contains a lot of the logic for this complicated site and search for "children"

The search takes me straight down to the bottom of the page to three little lines all on their own and not in a function:

foreach($page->children as $child){
	echo $child->title;

What are those doing there?

Then I remember.


Earlier today I posted a comment on the forum and wanted to add a little bit of code. To make sure I made no mistakes, I quickly typed it on whatever I had open in Sublime text, copied it off and promptly forgot all about it.

It has just cost me an hour of cursing.

Very, Very, Very, Very Silly

And a few stupids too!

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