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Associate a user to a page (a profile page)

Guy Verville

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We're building a website for translators. Each member of the company has his page with a lot of fields. I would like to associate this page to the userID of each member. I don't see a way to include a field in that profile to choose the userID. Each member of the team will be also able to write blogs.

I have seen the Blog module and, in there, several fields have been added to the profile page. How is it feasible?

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I discovered that I can add fields to the user profile in the user module (/module/edit?name=ProcessUser) from the interface. But what about upgrading PW after that? 

This is related to this: https://processwire.com/talk/topic/8068-editing-user-profiles-difference-between-processwireaccessuserseditid-and-processwireprofile/

So I presume it is safe.

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Bonjour Guy,

To add custom fields to the user profile just go to Setup > Templates. Then click on Fit-lters section and make the admin template visible (they're hidden by default).

Click on the user admin template and add any fields you might want.

When you edit a user the added field should be visible.

Under the ProcessProfile module settings, you'll be able to let a user update a custom field or not.

The settings on your second screenshot define what fields should be visible on the list displayed when you click on Access > Users (notice the custom field "Intro" in the screenshot below)



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