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Unidentified Script?


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I nearly finished with my first PW site but have a strange script on the end of my page. It is not in my HTML. The last thing I did was installing AIOM+. After I tried it out I uninstalled it and deleted is from the modules folder.

This is the script that shows up in my output. Who knows how to get rid of it?

<!-- emo -->
 var emo_addr = new Array();
 emo_addr[0] = "Ncf4z6sn5HE9JIomaK8U+ev3hxZdyjkY1PCgV27QqwuWpXBliLGFSTt0MRAbDO.r";
 emo_addr[1] = "msz1htLPy0JO57eXdTO2dv6wdf51ZnH2xgSCdv6wdnKlo72Bx7ONkQjWdtTih3JBd7iCm72Bx7ONkQjWdtTih3JBd7iD9tz.";
 emo_addr[2] = "msz1htLPy0JO57eXdTO2dv6wdf51ZnH2xgSCdv6wdnKlo7TwdsOT97HpdteXx3HSyScAjtXld3cPyGRBdf5.Uv2pd0+1a7LlxvT2yQKFmfOPm1NN";
 emo_addr[3] = "msz1htLPy0JO57eXdTO2dv6wdf51ZnH2xgSCdv6wdnKlo7L2kfRthvMBxseB97P2j3x2dzcAjtXld3cPyGRBdf5.UseM5nxPdCcVxvM18seTj7epmfOPm1NN";
 emo_addr[4] = "msz1htLPy0JO57eXdTO2dv6wdf51ZnH2xgSCdv6wdnKlo7e2dsIl97K297wld7jNkQjWdtTih3JBd7iCmVe2dsIl5sK25zwld7yD9tz.";
 emo_addr[5] = "msz1htLPy0JO57eXdTO2dv6wdf51ZnH2xgSCdv6wdnKlo72Bx7ONkQjWdtTih3JBd7iCmgLwdvy1htLPy0JO57L2xQa1ys6Vxs2BxtHljnKldUzT5Cc0ZvKSZ4SCJUNiH851y0Hgm85lyt2Sx8OSxvTids6Sx3JlZvTPxteF9tXBd0NXIfTBd0HXhviBZQcQ5CcPdnaO5C51dtRXd0eFxvOtx35O5QKqZ3JBy0Hgm8ylyt2Sx8OSxvTids6Sx3JlZvTPxteF9tXBd0NXIfTqd0x2yCRuysyQ5Ccld7Tlj3I2d0eSm8HSZs2F9QIGhFSQ90Iwjs+ljseXysLPjseF9t2Xhvj2yGOWd7Oi9UaXd7OGdv6p97wixGyC5fD.mfOPm1NN";
 emo_addr[6] = "msz1htLPy0JO57eXdTO2dv6wdf51ZnH2xgSCdv6wdnKlo72Bx7ONkQjWdtTih3JBd7iCmgLwdvy1htLPy0JO57L2xQa1ys6Vxs2BxtHljnKldUzT5Cc0ZvKSZ4SCJUNiH851y0Hgm85lyt2Sx8OSxvTids6Sx3JlZvTPxteF9tXBd0NXI8TBd0HXhviBZQcQ5CcPdnaO5C51dtRXd0eFxvOtx35O5QKqZ3JBy0Hgm8ylyt2Sx8OSxvTids6Sx3JlZvTPxteF9tXBd0NXI8Tqd0x2yCRuysyQ5Ccld7Tlj3I2d0eSm8HSZs2F9QIGhFSQ90Iwjs+ljseXysLPjseF9t2Xhvj2yGOWd7Oi9U+Xd7OGdv6p97wixGyC5fD.mfOPm1NN";

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I mean something more descriptive than the name of the module. Even for developers that might work the site in the future. Something like 

<!-- code added by the module EMO: http://mods.pw/41 -->

Or even:

<!-- Diogo says that I should tell you that this bit of code is to do with that very nice EMO module, okay? -->


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