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LanguageSupportPageNames not working?


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I installed PW 2.5.3 using the 'Multi Language' profile. The site works fine, but I can only see (or edit) the page name of the default language (English in this case). The page names for the other 2 languages are invisible or missing. All the necessary modules are installed. See sceenshots below.

I didn't change anything in the setup or template files. Is this a (known) bug? My server is running PHP 5.3.10 / MySQL 5.5.38.



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Didjee, would it be possible for you to try a completely fresh install in another directory? The errors you've mentioned here and in another thread make me think that somehow some old files are present in your copy. Trying out the dev branch would probably be the best bet. I would also be interested to know what your server environment is, beyond PHP and MySQL. Is it running Apache, or something compatible with Apache? Running as a module or CGI/fastcgi?

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